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A dead line of the 24th November, 2015 for globally phasing out of all non-Machine Readable Passports (MRP) was set up by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Thereafter, foreign Government may deny visa or entry to any person travelling on a non-Machine Readable Passport.

Therefore, all Indian expatriate community living in the Sultanate of Oman is here by advised again to apply for re-issue of their handwritten passports with machine-readable passports immediately in order to avoid any inconvenience in obtaining valid visa or international travel or immigration problem.

Satellite telephone services are not permitted in India. However, it has been found that some foreigners are carrying satellite phones with them while coming to India on tourist visa. These foreigners were intercepted and their satellite phones were seized. Under the law people including tourists found to be making unauthorized use of satellite telephone services will be prosecuted and all the sets found in possession of any individual will be seized.

It has been decided by the Government of India to extend the deadline for conversion of PIO cards in to OCI cards up to 30th June 2016 ; the dead line earlier was 31st March, 2016. All the PIO card holders in Oman are requested to ensure that they convert, if they have not already done so, their PIO cards to OCI cards before 30th June 2016.

Indian residents were hitherto allowed to take Indian currency notes with value up to INR 10,000 out of the country while non-residents visiting India were not permitted to take out any Indian currency notes while leaving the country. With a view to facilitating travel requirements of non-residents visiting India, it has been decided to allow all residents and non-residents (except citizens of Pakistan and Bangladesh) to carry with them Indian currency notes up to INR 25,000 while leaving the country.

Visitors to India like in the past are, however, allowed to carry with them any amount of Omani Rials or other convertible foreign currencies, which can be exchanged at the authorized exchange centres in India, including at international airports, hotels, etc. However, in case the quantum of foreign currency exceeds the amount equivalent to US$ 5,000 in cash or an overall of US$ 10,000 when combined with other financial instruments like cheques, travellers' cheques, drafts etc., a declaration to the Customs Officers at international airports at the time of arrival or departure, as the case may be, is required to be made.

Note:- For more information on the above, please visit RBI's website at link http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/BS_PressReleaseDisplay.aspx
June 12, 2014

Satellite telephone services are not permitted in India. However, unauthorized handsets of Thuraya, Irridium and other such satellite operators have been found in use since it is possible for individuals to avail satellite telephone services unauthorizedly in the country because satellite foot prints of Thuraya, Inmarsat, Irridium etc. are available in India. Tata Communications Limited is permitted to provide Inmarsat services in India which is being done through their Land Earth Station (LES) at Dighi (Pune) after a no objection certificate is issued by DOT on a case to case basis. Satellite telephony through Thuraya sets is unauthorized. The unauthorized use of such sets has serious security implications. Therefore, whenever Thuraya sets are detected to be in use they should be seized and the holder can be prosecuted under Section 6 of India Wireless Act and Section 20 of Indian Telegraph Act. Under the law people including tourists found to be making unauthorized use of satellite telephone services will be prosecuted and all the sets found in possession of any individual will be seized.

Subject: Advisory to visa applicants

The Embassy of India Muscat hereby states that whilst it has outsourced processing of passport and visa applications only to M/S BLS International Services Ltd., the final decision on rendering of consular services rests with the Embassy. All visa applicants including those seeking medical visa are cautioned not to be misguided by any organization/company promising to facilitate issue of any type of visa.

October 10, 2011

"Any person seeking a visa to India for purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents. Entering into surrogacy arrangements under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable under the Indian law."

“All Indian nationals are once again advised that there is an Online Registration facility on the Website of Embassy of India, Muscat for the Indian nationals seeking to register themselves in Oman”